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DBHDS: Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Western State Hospital

Hospital Director:
Dr Jack Barber

Street Address:
1301 Richmond Road
VA, 24401

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2500
VA, 24402-2500

Phone: (540) 332-8000
Voice TDD: (540) 332-8000
Fax: (540) 332-8144

Accredited by the Joint Commission
Accredited by The Joint

Western State Hospital
Previous CME Presentations
Date Presenter Title
02/27/2013 Mary McMasters, MD Safe use of Opiate Medications in a Hospital Setting
02/20/2013 Donna Moore, PhD (CSH Psychology/FRP Chair) NGRI case workshop
02/13/2013 Steven C. Wolf, Ph.D. (Director, Office of SVP Services VA. DBHDS) SVP in the Mental Health System
02/06/2013 Jon Anderson, MD (WSH) A “Shocking” case conference: 2 cases highlighting ECT
01/30/2013 John Oliver, ESQ Advances Directives Workshop
* 90 min
Larry Sutker, MD (WSH) discussant DVD discussion: “Titicut Follies” (90 minutes)
01/16/2013 Paul J. Regan, LPC (HPR I Regional Initiatives Director) HPR I: Managing the Flow- RAC and LIPOS
* 4hrs
Jamie L. Kurtz, Assistant Professor of Psychology, JMU Strategies for Working With High Conflict Individuals (4 hr workshop; repeated from 11/28/12)
01/02/2013 Beth Caillouet, PhD Cognitive Remediation and Schizophrenia
12/26/2012 NO CME (Holiday)  
12/19/2012 Ken Brasfield, PharmD (WSH) What’s Up Doc?; again
12/12/2012 NO CME (Holiday)  
12/05/2012 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
* 4hrs 12-4
Jamie L. Kurtz, Assistant Professor of Psychology, JMU Strategies for Working With High Conflict Individuals (4 hrs workshop- repeated 1/9/13)
11/21/2012 NO CME (Holiday)  
11/14/2012 Emily Drake, RN, PhD (Associate Professor, UVA Nursing School) Postpartum Depression
11/07/2012 Dustin Wright, Ed.S, M.A, LMHP-E; VCSB ES & CIT The Keys to Community Connection
10/31/2012 Paul McCormick & Brian Jenkins, Augusta County Sheriff’s Office A Forensic Case Study
10/24/2012 Cancelled  
10/17/2012 Rebecca V. Stredny, Psy.D., ABPP (Clinical director, ESH) Evaluator Agreement in Violence Risk Assessment: Ethical and Practical Implications
10/10/2012 Bethany Teachman, PHD (UVA) Reducing symptoms by changing implicit associations tied to anxiety disorders (Annual Psychology In The Public Sector Conference Shared CME/Keynote conference speaker)
10/03/2012 Donna Moore, PhD (CSH/FRP) Practical NGRI Case Reviews
09/26/2012 Martha J. Mead, Special Projects Coordinator VWWP WWP, Topic TBA
09/19/2012 Christopher Holstege, MD (UVA Toxicology) Bath Salts and Other Internet Acquirable Drugs
09/12/2012 Beth Caillouet, PhD Cognitive Remediation and Schizophrenia
09/05/2012 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
08/29/2012 Lynda Hyatt (Gateway Homes) & Robert Gardella, MD 2 Case Presentations of Community Reintegration
08/22/2012 Schwoebel, Camilla (DVS) and Ben Shaw (Region X/Veteran) VWWP: HPRI Update and Practical Outcomes
08/15/2012   DVD/Discussion: Motivational Interviewing Training Video (Disk 3 of 3)
08/08/2012 Sgt. Stephen Anders (SOVA-ICAC) Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Investigating Internet Crimes Against Children
08/01/2012 O’Connell McKeon, LCSW & Becky Sterling (MPNN CSB) Integrating Peer Services, Peer Specialists and Peer Leadership
07/25/2012   DVD Motivational Interviewing (disk 2 of 3)
Paul McCormick & Brian Jankins, Augusta County Sheriff’s Office A Forensic Case Study
07/11/2012 Steve Northrup (VA anti-death penalty group) The Death Penalty
07/04/2012 NO CME (Holiday)  
06/27/2012 Bob Booth, PhD, RD WSH Nutrition Update: Diet Changes and Special Diets
06/20/2012 Philip Hirsh, MD (VCSB) The History of Psychoactive Medication from 2000BC to 1988
06/13/2012 Sandy Abbott and Amy McManaway Intimate Partner Violence
06/06/2012 Donna Moore, PhD (CSH/FRP) Practical NGRI Case Reviews
05/30/2012 Jack Wall, Director, Wall Residences Practical Placement for Individuals with Mental Illness: The Family Provider Option
05/23/2012 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
05/16/2012 Anwar Abdullah, MD(CSH) Vitamin D in Psychiatric In-patients (publication/research study review)
05/09/2012 Jack Barber, MD; WSH Facility Director WSH: The New Building--Bricks and Vision
05/02/2012 Brice Jackson, Doctor of Chiropractic Physiological Principles of Neurological Rehabilitation
04/25/2012 Mary McMasters, MD Pain Management and Substance Dependence: Cases
04/18/2012 Ignacio Provencio (UVA Biology) Chronobiology: Practical Clinical Applications
04/11/2012 James Anderson Thomson, MD (UVA) Crazy or Just Devout: Theory of Mind Mechanisms in Psychosis and Religion
04/04/2012 Mike Shutty, PhD (WSH) Columbine
03/28/2012 James Spurgeon MA NCC LPC (Blue Ridge Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator/VCSB) Workplace Violence Risk Assessment
03/21/2012 Danny Cabaniss, Cabaniss Consultants LLC. Practical Innovations in Residential Services for ID clients
03/14/2012 Katie Green, Community Corrections Post Trial Risk Assessment
03/07/2012 Debbie Humphreys, RN & Alan Richardson, MD Annual Medical Staff Practical Medical Equipment Review Workshop
**Closed Session: WSH Medical staff Only**
02/29/2012 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
02/22/2012 Paul McCormick, Augusta County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Interrogation Techniques and Polygraph
02/15/2012 Ken Brasfield, PharmD (WSH) & Laura Santiago, MD (WSH) Case Presentation
02/08/2012 Steve Landis ( and Laura Santiago, MD Hoarding
02/01/2012 Jonathan Falk, VDH Influenza update
01/25/2012 Steve Northrup (VA anti-death penalty group) The Death Penalty
01/18/2012 Chaplain Cynthia Long, D. Min. (WSH Chaplain) Life after Suicide: Stigma, Coping and Hope
01/11/2012 Jessica Raines Practical Intervention and Outcomes: The Byrne Grant Project (Assessing the Impact of and Responding to the Mentally Ill in the Criminal Justice System)
01/04/2012 Erin Haw, Disability Rights Advocate & Elizabeth Nagji, VOPA Staff Attorney VOPA: Priorities for 2012
12/28/2011 NO CME  
12/21/2011 NO CME  
12/14/2011 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
12/07/2011 Jessie Graham; Library of Virginia Archivist WSH History
11/30/2011 Jim Stevens Institutional Organization
11/23/2011 NO CME  
11/16/2011 Stephanie Gold, UVA MS IV Healthy Eating, Obesity and Nutrition
11/09/2011 Steve Nichols, MD (WSH) Practical Inpatient Management of Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder
11/02/2011 Linda Miller, RN (WSH) There is a Rabbit in My Stomach” Anosognosia & Insight
10/26/2011 John Beghtol, WSH ABCDs of Dealing With the Media; Practical tips
10/19/2011 M Todd Brandt, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Infections: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
10/12/2011 Annual Collaboration With Psychology in the Public Sector Conference: Lydia R. Pozzato, PhD (FBI Academy) Cognitive Interviewing
10/05/2011 Jonathan Anderson, MD (WSH) Psychosomatic Medicine
09/28/2011 Michael F. Rein, MD, FACP (Professor Emeritus of Medicine, UVA) What’s New in STD
09/21/2011 Jennifer (Kim) Penberthy, PhD (UVA) Effective Communication and Coping Skills for Physicians
09/14/2011 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
09/07/2011 Eileen Ryan, MD (CCCA/UVA) Cyberbullying—Morbidity and Mortality
08/31/2011 Victoria Cash Graff, LCSW, CSOTP (J&H Institute PC) Current Community Based Treatment Models for Sex Offenders
08/24/2011 Sam Nichels (New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center, Harrisonburg, VA) Immigrant Issues
08/17/2011 Elizabeth Bowman, Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) Crisis Intervention for Individuals With Acquired Brain Injury
08/10/2011 Macy Fox, RN (Family Support Specialist CCCA) Connecting Families; Family Support
08/03/2011 David T. Pastors, Director, Blue Ridge Court Services Criminal Justice & Behavioral Health Partnerships-Intercepts 2, 3 and 5: Practical Management
07/27/2011 WSH Occupational Therapists: Carol Sease and Rachel Isak Coping Through the Senses
07/20/2011 Paula J. Hathorn CCS, CPC-I, CPC (UVA) ICD-10
07/13/2011 Russ Waldrop, WSH Chaplain (Retired) The Role of a Chaplain in a State Mental Hospital
07/06/2011 Erin Carter, CPC Electronic Medical Records
06/29/2011 Kathryn Van Patten, Director Court-Community Corrections Program (Roanoke) & Professor Isaac Van Patten De-escalation Techniques
06/22/2011 Rebecca Joyce, Senior Planner Central Shenandoah Planning District Emergency Management and Preparedness
06/15/2011 Nicole Fromm, PhD (WWRC) PTSD: Risk, Resiliency, Media Exposure, and Willingness to Seek Treatment
06/08/2011 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
06/01/2011 John Otenasec Issues in Recovery
05/25/2011 WSH Medical Staff Clinical Equipment Practical Review (closed to WSH medical staff)  
05/18/2011 Lydia R. Pozzato, PhD (FBI Academy) Detecting Deception
05/11/2011 J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., M.D. The One True Religion: Song, Dance and Trance
05/04/2011 Sam Nichols (New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center, Harrisonburg, VA) Immigrant Issues: Focus on Hispanic Individuals
04/27/2011 Nenita Fisher-Cromer (CPS Supervisor) Child Protective Services
04/20/2011 Neil Sandson, MD (Maryland VA) New Psychoactive Medications and New Indications for Older Psychotropics
04/13/2011 Katherine Stott, JD & Ken Showalter, PhD Case Presentation: Claim of Depersonalization for NGRI Defense
04/06/2011 Donna Gum, MHAA DVD discussion: Removing The Stigma of Mental Illness
03/30/2011 Gabrielle Marzani-Nissen, MD Psychiatric Issues in HIV
03/23/2011 Michael Gillette, PhD The Ethics of Social Networking and Online Counseling
03/16/2011 Melissa Sue Donahue (Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, Central Shenandoah Health District) Medical Reserve Corps
03/09/2011 Suzanne Holroyd, MD (UVA Geriatric Psychiatry) Treatment of Behavioral Problems in Dementia
03/02/2011 Judith R. Trumbo (Transition director, RMH Healthcare) New Hospital Facility Transition: Practical Experience
02/23/2011 Mark Quigg, MD (UVA Neurology) Pseudoseizure
02/16/2011 Jerome Taylor, UVA MS IV Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse
02/09/2011 Judith Curry-El, PhD, Carol McLain, PhD, Christy McFarland, Ph.D DBT: Practical Inpatient Application
Eugene Corbett, MD F.A.C..P
Closed: WSH medical staff only--Cancelled
Physical Examination Workshop: Abdominal Exam
01/26/2011 Angela Torres PhD (CSH) DSM 5
01/19/2011 J. Anderson Thomson, MD Depression
01/12/2011 Matt Nelson, Pharm D, BCPP (Medical Scientist Liaison) Blood Based Diagnostic Aid for Schizophrenia
01/05/2011 Thomas L. Moffatt, MD (Richmond Nephrology Associates, Inc.) A Nephrologist’s Perspective on Lithium
12/29/2010 NO CME; Holiday  
12/22/2010 NO CME; Holiday  
12/15/2010 Doris M. Haverstick, Ph.D., DABCC Urine Drug Screen
12/08/2010 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
12/01/2010 J. Nile Wagley, PhD (UVA) Practical Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse
11/24/2010 NO CME; Holiday  
11/17/2010 Steve Hendrickson, UVA Engineering Professor Why We believe in God: From a Design Standpoint
11/10/2010 Allyson K. Tysinger, JD (Senior Assistant Attorney General) 2010 Changes In Mandatory Outpatient Commitment Law
11/03/2010 Robert M. Driscoll; DDS, MS Oral Surgery Dental Infections: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
10/27/2010 Lisa S. Knapp, RDH, BS Dental Voice for Mental Health
10/20/2010 Psychology Conference - Michael Gillette, PhD
Meeting in Geisen Room
Quarterly Ethics Workshop
10/13/2010 Camilla Schwoebel, MS, LPC Virginia Wounded Warrier Program
10/06/2010 John Glick, MD Choreography of Caring Communities: Play and Power in Collaborative Healthcare
09/29/2010 Margaret Hersh; Executive Director Augusta Regional Free Clinic Role of Free Clinics in Virginia
09/22/2010 Gerry McKeegan, PhD Falls: WSH Data Review
09/15/2010 Debbie Giorgi-Guarnieri, MD (ESH medical staff) Practical Case Based Application of P450 2D6 Genotyping
09/08/2010 Officer Chris Wheeler, (Parry McCluer High School SRO) Gang Awareness
09/01/2010 Gregory B. Saathoff, MD (UVA) Crime, Terrorism and Psychiatry
08/25/2010 Veronica Harsh, MD Vitamin D Deficiency: Managing the “Pandemic”
08/18/2010 Rebecca Bouterie Harmon, PhD, PMH CNS, BC (UVA Nursing) Appreciative Practice & Appreciative Inquiry
08/11/2010 Mark Quigg, M.D., M.S. (UVA) Epilepsy: Current Practical Treatment
08/04/2010 Kenneth H. Brasfield, Pharm.D., BCPP Polypharmacy
07/28/2010 Discussion by: Jeffrey, Phillips, Ph.D. (WSH) DVD Discussion on "Voices of Hope and Recovery"
07/21/2010 Mike Shutty, PhD Group Education about Managing Delusions & Hallucinations
07/14/2010 Jack W. Barber, MD (WSH Facility Director) The Role of State Hospitals: What they do, what it takes to do it well, and how you can tell how well they are functioning
07/07/2010 Caroline Walker (WSH Speech Therapist) Dysphagia: Practical review, case review and Application
12N - 1pm
Dana Traynham, JD (VOPA) The Use of Advance Directives in Mental Health Recovery
3 - 5pm
  WSH Medical Staff TOVA training 3-5pm (make up session)
06/23/2010 Caroline Bill, MD Fall: Education and Prevention
06/16/2010 J. Nile Wagley, PhD (UVA) Brief Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions for Insomnia
06/09/2010 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
06/02/2010 Kenneth H. Brasfield, Pharm.D., BCPP & Jeffrey Bonacci, MD Polypharmacy in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders
2hrs (3-5pm)
NO 12 noon CME WSH Medical Staff TOVA training workshop 3-5pm
05/19/2010 Michelle Witt, M.A.L.S., CBIST; Crossroads to Brain Injury Recovery, Inc. Practical ABI/TBI Case Reviews
05/12/2010 Sheryl Gregory, RN (WSH) Promoting a Violence Free Milieu
05/05/2010 Mary McMasters, MD Pain Management
04/28/2010 Michelle Vaughan, Clinical, Fellow, UVA Care CBT & Alcohol Use: Changes in Motivation Predict Changes in Drinking
04/21/2010 Rupa Gopalan, MS4 UVA Addictive Behaviors and ADHD as a manifestation of Novelty Seeking
04/14/2010 Nancy Davis, RN (WSH Infection Control) Practical Infection Control Update
04/07/2010 Rebecca Stredney, PhD (CSH Forensic Coordinator) PTSD: In context of Sanity Determination for MSO
03/31/2010 Elizabeth Alfson, Resident Darwin in the Red Light District: An Evolutionary Analysis of Prostitutes and Johns
03/24/2010 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
03/17/2010 Debbie Humphreys, RN Annual Clinical Equipment Day (WSH Medical Staff only)
03/10/2010 Rebecca Lindsay, MD (WSH) CNS Herpes Zoster Infection, with 2 brief case vignettes
03/03/2010 12-2pm Eugene Corbett, MD F.A.C..P.
(2 hours: Closed-WSH medical staff only)
Physical Examination Workshop: Cardiac Exam
02/24/2010 J. Kim Penberthy, PhD (UVA) CBASP for Individuals with Chronic Depression and Alcoholism
02/17/2010 Peter Oliver, MS4 UVA (Bad Brains Elective) The Roots and Future of Human Aggression
02/10/2010 Michael Gillette, PhD Update on Healthcare Reform: Is There a Right to Healthcare?
02/03/2010 Daniel Murray, MSIV UVA (Haskins, MD supervisor “Bad Brains” Elective) Male Sexual Jealousy: Purpose and Pathology from an Evolutionary Psychology Perspective
01/27/2010 Jeff Aaron, PhD Transfer of Adolescent Defendants to Adult Courts
01/20/2010 Michelle Witt & Elizabeth Bowman Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative: Finding Ways to Serve Individuals with Brain Injury as well as Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
01/13/2010 Michelle Vaughan, Clinical, Fellow, UVA Care LGBT 101 for Mental Health Professionals
01/06/2010 J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., MD From the Heavens or from Nature: The Origins of Morality
12/30/2009 NO CME / Holiday  
12/23/2009 NO CME / Holiday  
12/16/2009 NO CME / Canceled  
12/09/2009 Mike Coss, WSH DI 201 Abuse and Neglect
12/02/2009 Laura Santiago, MD and Rebecca J Lindsay(WSH) Psychiatric Disorders in Pregnancy
11/25/2009 NO CME / Holiday  
11/18/2009 Dan Catley, DCJS Practical Perspective on Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Interface
11/11/2009 NO CME / Holiday  
11/04/2009 Angela Torres, PhD (CSH) Parallel Assessment of CST
10/28/2009 Kristen A. Hudacek, Psy.D. (Region-IV Jail Team, Supervisor) Jail Team Model: Practical Application
10/21/2009 NO CME (Medical staff retreat)  
10/14/2009 Robert Gardella, MD (WSH) Practical Application of the "Sell" Criteria
10/07/2009 Douglas E. Jorenby, PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin School of Medicine
Scott Strayer, MD, MPH, UVA Health Systems
Frank M. Vitale, MA, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Helping Patients Quit Smoking - Discovery Health UVA DVD (6/22/08)
09/30/2009 Dr. Jack Barber, WSH Director Death by a Thousand Cuts OR Can We Meet the Mission with Scars?
09/23/2009 Jeff Phillips, Ph.D. (WSH) Risk Assessment for Short Term Aggression in the Hospital
09/16/2009 Eugene Corbett, MD F.A.C..P.
(Closed-WSH medical staff only)
Physical Examination Workshop: Cardiac Exam
09/09/2009 Barry Blumenthal, MD; Bernice Marcopulos, PhD, et al Case Conference: Cognitive and Behavioral changes following GSW to head
09/02/2009 Canceled  
08/26/2009 James W. Stewart III (Virginia Inspector General) Review of the Recovery Experience of Individuals Served at DBHDS Operated Mental Health Facilities
08/19/2009 Alexis R. Wagner, PO, CSAC, VA Dept. of Corrections, Community Corrections
Thomas L. Shank, PO, Sex Offender Specialist, VADOC: District 12 Probation/Parole
Adult Probation and Parole in the Commonwealth of Virginia: District 12
08/12/2009 Charlene Glass, RD (WSH Nutrition Services) Carb Counting 101: controlling blood glucose levels with diet
08/05/2009 Lisa Goodwin, Laurie Mitchell Employment Center, Alexandria VA Working Recovery: Promoting Gainful Employment
07/29/2009 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
07/22/2009 J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., M.D. Why We Believe in God
07/15/2009 Jason Haium, PhD (WSH)- reschedule from 4/1/09 Building a Healthier, Happier Team
07/08/2009 H. Lane Baggett, Clinical Psychologist, WSH The Greening of Western State
07/01/2009 Mary McMasters, MD Challenging Issues in Pain and Addiction: Weighing Risks and Benefits
06/24/2009 Madeline Harrison, MD (UVA Neurology)
(Closed-WSH medical staff only)
Physical Examination Workshop: Neurological Exam
06/17/2009 Kristen Hudacek, PsyD (Region IV Jail Team Supervisor) Women in Prison: The Forgotten Population
06/10/2009 Chriscelyn Tussey, PhD (UVA Post-doc Fellow, Forensic Neuropsychology) Neuropsychology: Practical Case Review II
06/03/2009 Krista Gattis, PhD (WSH BMC) A Quick Guide to Behavioral Analyses, with case reviews
05/27/2009 Sharon Johnson and Jeanine Botkin (HIM; WSH Red Flag Rules Committee) Red Flag Rules Risk Assessment: Reducing Risk of Identity Theft at WSH
05/20/2009 Grace Chang, PhD (Forensic Psychology Fellow, UVA) Deception: Writing Assessment
05/13/2009 Steven Hutchens, MS IV (UVA Bad Brains Elective Research) Child Soldiers
90 min
Eugene Corbett, MD F.A.C..P.
(Closed-WSH medical staff only)
Physical Examination Workshop: Ophthalmoscopic Exam
04/29/2009 Laura Koehn, MS IV UVA Neurodeterminism: Imaging the Psychopath's Brain
04/22/2009 Rita Lewis, Pharmacy Director, WSH New Medications
04/15/2009 James P. Evans, MD (UNC) From Darwin to Pharmacogenomics: The Emergence of Evolutionary Medicine
04/08/2009 Eileen Ryan, MD (UVA Child/Forensic) Staff Response to Patient Assault
04/01/2009 Canceled  
03/25/2009 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
03/18/2009 Debbie Humphreys, RN (WSH) Annual Clinical Equipment Practical Review (WSH Medical Staff Only)
03/11/2009 Lori Wood and Thomas Von Hemert CIT: Region X’s Practical Application and Experience
03/04/2009 Jeff Barth, PhD; UVA Traumatic Brain Injury: From Sports Concussion to Combat Blast Injury
02/25/2009 Larry Merkel, MD, PhD Cultural Case Formulation in Psychiatry and Medicine
02/18/2009 Rosalie Corona, PhD Latino Cultural Factors and Implications for Therapy
02/11/2009 R. McKenna Brown, PhD (VCU Professor of World studies) Clinical Impact of Cultural Belief Systems
02/04/2009 Chriscelyn Tussey, PhD (UVA Post-doc Fellow, Forensic Neuropsychology) Forensic Neuropsychology: Practical Case Applications
01/28/2009 Canceled due to Weather  
01/21/2009 Ken Brasfield, PharmD A Common Biology
01/14/2009 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
01/07/2009 Jackie Buffington-Vollum, PhD Forensic Psychology Issues
12/31/2008 NO CME Holiday
12/24/2008 NO CME Holiday
12/17/2008 Dr. Primm Ethnopsychopharmacology
12/10/2008 Jonathan Falk (VDH) Infectious Disease: Local Epidemiological Perspective
12/03/2008 Rudi Schuster (DCJS) Mental Health and Criminal Justice History, Interface, and Future Options by areas in Virginia
11/26/2008 NO CME Holiday
11/19/2008 Bernice A. Marcopulous, Ph,.D., ABPP-Cn. Neuropsychology of Alcohol Use: The Good News and the Bad
11/12/2008 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
11/05/2008 James P. Evans, MD (UNC) Psychiatric/Medical Genetics
10/29/2008 Jeff Phillips, PhD (WSH) The Psychology of Delusions: Part 2a, Reasoning Biases
10/22/2008 **Giessen room Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D An Unquiet Mind: Personal and Professional Reflections on Bipolar Illness
10/15/2008 UVA Faculty (TBA), UVA CME Collaborative Partner Project Cease Smoking 2 Day CME Workshop
10/08/2008 Charles Raison, MD (Emory U.) Neurobiology
10/01/2008 Ayonda Batts, PhD Eating Disorders: Practical Clinical Update
09/24/2008 George Braunstein; Executive Director, Chesterfield CSB; Performance Improvement: Using a Balanced Scorecard
09/17/2008 J. Anderson Thomson, MD (UVA) Placebo Effect of Treatments
09/10/2008 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
09/03/2008 Bob Booth, WSH Nutrition Service WSH Diet Changes
08/27/2008 Kenny Flick, VDH Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
08/20/2008 - 90 min Donna Rigolizzo, MD Integrative Medicine: Mental Health Applications
08/13/2008 Chriscelyn Tussey, UVA Post-doc PhD Working with Difficult Clients
08/06/2008 John Almarode, Graduate Student How the Brain Works, part II
07/30/2008 Don Martin, MD (RMH Rheumatology) Arthritis Overview
07/23/2008 Deborah Dunn, MS, RD & Charlene Glass (WSH Nutrition Services) National Dysphagia Diet: WSH Adaptation
07/16/2008 Shirlee Hopper-Scherch (Peer support specialist, PA) Peer Support: Experience of Application to the State Hospital Setting
07/09/2008 Robert J. Gardella, MD (WSH) Virginia Mental Health Law Reform: 2008 Changes and Practical Application
07/02/2008 Matthew Morrison, UVA Grad Student Psychiatric Advanced Directives
06/25/2008 John Otenasek; REACH director WRAP: Practical Application
06/18/2008 Amy Alson, MD (UVA Student Mental Health) College Mental Health Issues
06/11/2008 Kathy Tolton & Ben Smoke, LCSW (WSH) Family Involvement in Recovery
06/04/2008 Asha Mishra, MD (Medical Director, Chesterfield CSB Cultural Competency in Psychiatry
05/28/2008 Chriscelyn Tussey, UVA Post-doc PhD Topic TBA (Forensic Psychology)
05/21/2008 Bruce Rybarczyk, PhD (VCU) Sleep Disorders and Aging
05/14/2008 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
05/07/2008 Jennifer Wartella, PhD (UVA) Older Adult and Cocaine use
04/30/2008 Anthony Guiliano, PhD (Harvard) Prediction of Psychosis in Youth at High Clinical Risk
04/23/2008 - 90 min WSH Interdisciplinary Panel: Herb Stewart, PhD, Barbara Haskins, MD, Charlene Glass, RD, Deborah Dunn, RD and Sue Smiley, RT Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise
04/16/2008 Mary Ann Beall & Ray Bridge Recovery and the Non-Linear Process
04/09/2008 Ayonda Batts, PhD Update: Current Treatment of Eating Disorders
04/02/2008 - 90 min Susan Elmore, Eric Williams, Gail Reinheimer & Ben Smoke Practical Patient Centered Treatment Planning- Part I
03/26/2008 Mark Farrington, RN, CNS (Region X CSB) Acupuncture Applications
03/19/2008 Christopher Holstege, MD (UVA Toxicology) Drugs of Abuse, Part II
03/12/2008 Steve Lamberi, MD Forensic Assertive Community Treatment: Preventing Criminal Recidivism in the Mentally Ill
03/05/2008 Jonathan Anderson, MD (WSH QM) Assessment of Capacity and Documentation of Informed Consent
02/27/2008 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop: Ethics of Recovery, part II
02/20/2008 Aisha Dharamsi, CCIV UVA Child Killers
02/13/2008 Debra Vought, et al; FMEA and Sentinel Event Review Panel presentation Addressing Inpatient Violence and Incorporating Recommendations of FMEA and Sentinel Event review
02/06/2008 Jackie Buffington-Vollum, PhD Cultural Competence in Forensic Evaluation: Practical Case Review
01/30/2008 John Newman Yoga: Mental Health Benefits
01/23/2008 Steve Wolf, Dir. DMHMRSAS Office of Sexually Violent Predator Services Current Practical Treatment and Risk Management of Sex Offenders
01/16/2008 Chriscelyn Tussey, UVA Post-doc PhD Bullying, Gangs, and School Violence: Assessing The risks of Today's Youth
01/09/2008 Tom Collins, CCA Psychology Beyond Behavior: An Affect Regulation Approach to Caregiving
01/02/2008   NO CME Holiday
12/26/2007   NO CME Holiday
12/19/2007 Kia J. Bentley, PhD The Meaning of Psychiatric Medication: Ideas to Support Recovery
12/12/2007 Larry Conell, MD (RMH) Bipolar Disorder
12/05/2007 Neil Sandson, MD (UMD & Veterans Administration, MD) The Unexpected Consequences of Smoking Cessation
11/28/2007 Kathleen Jenkins; Juvenile Parole Officer/Intake Officer Meth: The scope of the Local Issue and Impact on our Youth
11/21/2007 NO CME (Holiday)
11/14/2007 Kim Penberthy, PhD (UVA) The Placebo Response in Treatment for Addictions
11/07/2007 1.5 hrs Gary Bass Med/LPC (VCSB) & Mary Kay Rose EdS/LPC Agitation: Creative Non-pharmacological Interventions and Management Strategies
10/31/2007 Dianna O. Perkins, MD Topic TBA
10/24/2007 Martha Woodroof Personal Experience: Recovery and Addiction
10/17/2007 Pete Earley, Author of: Crazy: A Father's Search through American Mental Madness
10/10/2007 Amy Alson, MD (UVA Med Psych Grad/UVA Student Health) Shrinking the Fat: Lipid Management for Psychiatrists
10/03/2007 Dave Colton, PhD (CCCA) The Influence that Organizational Leadership and Organizational Culture Have on Reducing use of Seclusion and Restraint
09/26/2007 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
09/19/2007 Joseph McEvoy, MD (Duke University) CATIE: Focus on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Data
09/12/2007 Yad Jabbarpour, MD (Catawba Hospital Medical Director) Overcoming Failure Modes toward Improving Clinician Confidence in Suicide Risk Reduction: a Evidence-Based, Pragmatic Approach
09/05/2007 John Monahan, PhD (UVa) Mental Disorder & Violence: New Approaches to Risk Assessment
08/29/2007 Sunil Khushalani, MD (Sheppard Pratt/Day Hospital Medical Director) The Pharmacology of Smoking Cessation: Strategies for Success
08/22/2007 TBA TBA
08/15/2007 Gary Bass, Med/LPC (VCSB) & Mary Kay Rose, EdS/LPC Agitation: Creative Non-pharmacologic Interventions and Strategies
08/08/2007 John Almarode; MAT; Doctoral Graduate Student Innovations in Education Techniques: Focus on How the Brain Learns
08/01/2007 Steve Wolf; Dir. DMHMRSAS Office of Sexually Violent Predator Services Current Practical Treatment and Risk Management of Sex Offenders
07/25/2007 Kenneth H. Brasfield, Pharm.D., BCPP Nicotine and Nicotine Replacement Therapy
07/18/2007 WSH Mentoring Committee Panel presentation (Fox, MD, Rawls PhD) The Vision for the Mentoring Program at WSH
07/11/2007 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop
07/04/2007 NO CME Holiday
06/27/2007 Anita Clayton, MD (UVA; Author) Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy
06/20/2007 John Pezzoli (OIG) OIG Recovery Model Study Project
06/13/2007 Scot Turpin, MD/ Catawba Hospital Safety Committee Safety Committee recommendations/Panel Presentation
06/06/2007 Robert Albanese, MD (UVA Med-Psych grad, VA SC) Psychiatric Phenomenon due to General Medical Conditions (DTGMC)
05/30/2007 NO CME Medical Staff Retreat
05/23/2007 Mary Clair O’Hara, DMHMRSAS Central Office Person Centered Treatment for SMI and MR
05/16/2007 Cheryl Wasserman RN/ Clyde Hoy, peer specialist WRAP: a case study
05/09/2007 Sarah Galloway, MA (UVA Psychology) Parenting and Childhood Externalizing Disorders
05/02/2007 Greg Saathoff, MD Medical Student Training: Prison Mental Health
04/25/2007 Alan Swann, MD (Abbott Grant pending) Bipolar Disorder: Focus on the Mixed State
04/18/2007 Tom Barker, MD (UVA Med psych graduate/private practice, NC) You might be Bipolar if…
04/11/2007 Rebecca Harmon, RN (UVA) Cultural Competency Workshop: China from an RN Perspective
04/04/2007 Frank Tetrick; DMHMRSAS Assistant Commissioner and Co-Chair CRP Addressing the Challenge: DMHMRSAS P&T Committee and CRP Development and Future Directions
03/28/2007 Jacqueline-Vollum Buffington, PhD (WSH/UVA Forensic Psychology) Culturally Sensitive CST Evaluation (or Capital Offense Mitigation)
03/21/2007 Charlene Glass, RD (WSH Nutrition Services)
Managing Diabetes

3-5PM- WSH Medical Staff Computer Training- focus on MS Excel
03/14/2007 Jeff Raynor, MD (UVA Forensic Psychiatry Fellow) Out of The Shadows: Getting Ahead of Prisoner Radicalization
03/07/2007 Jim Stevens, RT & Rehab Services Staff Case Presentations: Rehabilitation Services role in the Recovery Model
02/28/2007 Mary Zdanowitz, JD (Director of Treatment Advocacy Center) Reconciling Recovery and the Need for Coercion & Outpatient Commitment
02/21/2007 Debbie Humphreys, RN Annual Clinical Equipment Training (for WSH Medical Staff)
02/14/2007 CME Cancelled-weather
02/07/2007 Brenda Franklin, MSW Optimizing Access to Financial Resources for Patients with Psychiatric Illness
01/31/2007 Husam Alathari, MD (NVMHI & Outpatient Addiction Medicine) Practical Pharmacotherapy for Addictions
01/24/2007 Michael Gillette, PhD Quarterly Ethics Workshop: Disaster Ethics; Part II
01/17/2007 Trent Wagler, CASA Domestic Violence: Health Care Provider Training
01/10/2007 Jack Barber, MD; Facility Director Recovery: Discharge Planning
01/03/2007 Rebecca Lindsay, MD A Case Presentation: Post Craniotomy Chronic pain, Opioids and Cognitive Impairment






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