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DBHDS: Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Western State Hospital

Hospital Director:
Dr Jack Barber

Street Address:
1301 Richmond Road
VA, 24401

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2500
VA, 24402-2500

Phone: (540) 332-8000
Voice TDD: (540) 332-8000
Fax: (540) 332-8144

Accredited by the Joint Commission
Accredited by The Joint

WSH Website Help

Access Keys: Access keys are equivalent to keyboard shortcut keys. If you place one's mouse over the link to the Governor's Home page at the top left of the screen, one will see a message that says "Access Key=G". This means if you press and hold the ALT key followed by G you will be taken to the Governor's site. You can do this from anywhere on the page. In Internet Explorer one needs to press enter to execute the command. In Netscape/Mozilla it is done automatically for you. If your browser already uses say ALT + G for it's menu system it will override these keys.

The following Access keys are available on all menu item pages:

  1. ALT + D - Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services site
  2. ALT + V - State of Virginia site
  3. ALT + G - Governor of Virginia site
  4. ALT + U - Contact Us
  5. ALT + S - Site Map
  6. ALT + C - Skip to content
  7. ALT + T - Top of Page
  8. ALT + L - Links to other sites
  9. ALT + P - DMHMRSAS Privacy Policy
  10. ALT + W - DMHMRSAS Web Policy
  11. ALT + H - This help page.


Printing a Page: All pages will print the content without the left menu being displayed.

Breadcrumbs: This is another useful navigation tool. It is displayed just below the departments heading on each page. This will enable one to navigate back through related pages. Access Keys are also used on these hyperlinks, starting at ALT + 1 for the left most link, link to the Home Page, and proceeding upwards in ascending order.

Menu: The menu is very simple and will be displayed on every page to enable easy navigation of the site.

Search: The search feature lets you search for web pages as well as documents within the site. Be careful of what you search for. If you say search for "Licensing" you will get every page in the site plus document that contain that word. This is because "Licensing" is a menu item that appears on every page of the site.

Acronyms: Where we have used acronyms you will find in most cases if you hover over the word that the full title will be displayed, EG Virginia for VA (try it here).


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  Western State Hospital, Commonwealth of Virginia